Summer Reading Contest: Reward $25 Amazon Gift Card



We are hosting a summer reading contest. Challenge your child to read using Book Adventure

Earn rewards provided by the site as well as working your way to the top for this blog sponsored contest. The top reader will get a $25 Amazon gift card to choose your own reward. Just sign up on and click join a contest. Enter contest name: Freedom Academy Summer Reading 2013. Use pin F3388.

How Book Adventure works.
Parent signs up and creates an account for the child with the same email. This alows you to approve rewards your child chooses. Your child reads a book then takes a quiz on the book to earn points. Points earned can be used for prizes.

About our contest.
The child with the most points earned by August 15th will be anounced on the blog so the parent of the child can claim the $25 Amazon Gift Card Prize. You will have until the end of August to claim the prize or the card will be donated to our local library.

Why we are doing this.
Our family holds a strong veiw on the importance of reading and would like to encourage other children to read. Doing this also allows us to give other homeschool families as well as public school children the advantage the important skill of reading while giving alittle extra incentive.

Want more summer reading rewards? Check out our Summer Reading Program list

Are you joining us? Comment below.

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  1. Cool beans! My eldest son has used Book Adventure off and on for a few years. I signed him up for your contest and he already sat down and answered a few quizzes on some books he’s been reading. Thanks so much for setting up a contest like this! (I wish I had thought of that!) In all our busy-ness, we tend to forget that Book Adventure is out there, but it’s a pretty fun way to see if your kids remember and understand what they’ve read. Have a fun summer…READING!!! :)

  2. I hopped aboard by Stephanie Stoll’s recommendation on Facebook. I have two children who will be participating… a 2nd grader and kindergartener. Thanks for leading this contest.

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