Last Week in Review: Crazyness


Well last week was a homeschool fail.  We are prepping for our move to a slightly bigger place to tide us over until February for our slightly bigger family.  We figured we had a few weeks to complete a move before baby arrived.

Due to our little girls surprise arrival the kids did learn a lot. You can check the birth story out over at our new blog I assure you that it is worth reading.  I a very grateful that I kept my cool until my husband had arrived to take over the situation but in the mean time my oldest learned a lot about the organ that keeps a  baby alive inside mommy, the cord, vernix and all that other stuff that kids never get to see.

birth story

Fall vacation is now Summer vacation while we complete this move new baby in tow.

100 Legos



This fun game helps kids learn to count to 100 and back along with visual recognition and understanding of how many the number truly without knowing they are learning. It’s so simple but can keep children busy and depending on which variation you use you can work one on one with your child or a large group.

One on one with your child or two children together:
What you need:
One chart 1-100
100 legos that fit on each square of the chart.
Two dice

What to do:
Have the first player roll the dice then count and ad the two dice together. Yes we just worked in some addition. Then have the child count out that many legos placing one on each square saying the number out loud. The next player repeats this starting with the very next number on the chart. The player that hits the 100 square wins. For older kids you can repeat this backwards.

Large groups:
What you need:
Chart from 1-100 for each child
100 small legos or other small counters (pennies, bingo markers, pebbles)
2 dice per child

What to do:
Have each child roll the dice marking off that many spots on the chart counting the numbers as they go.  First child to fill the chart wins.

100s chart without numbers

Right click and save the above image for a fill in 100s chart you can print at home.

Learn to Count to 100 With a Paper Chain



This mass of links is more then strips of colored paper but a great way to help your child master the skill of counting to 100. We recently spent a few days on this task. Yes only a few days and miss Angel had it down. We waited until she was ready and let her bring it up. 4 months before turning six she learned to count to 100. Not bad for having only knew to 20 before we started. This is one fun way to do it.

What you need:
10 sheets of different colored paper.

What to do:
Cut each sheet into ten strips. Have your child count each set to be sure they have ten. Then work on counting each set by ten to 100. This helps them see what the chain will become.

Now clue the ends together linking to make a basic paper chain with each color all connected. Count each one as your child glues them on. Then show how each color is ten and work on counting by tens. Now your child can use this 100 chain to practice counting to 100.

Take it further:
Have your child write the numbers from 1 to 100 on the strips before linking.

Hang this up to brighten up your learning area and leave it in view of your child. This is a great hands on way to learn how to count to 100 and your left with a fun project to display. Win win.

Our Week in Review


Now this blog will be more of a homeschool log I am going to post about how each week whent for school. This combined with my paper log may come in handy as part of our portfolio now my oldest will be school age this fall. Looking for our usual content and fun our new site Launches Augest 1st but, we havesome goodies up for you new so stop on by and follow us.

Last week we did not get much done for school. It is summer after all and mommy is in major nesting mode so lots of deep cleaning going on. What we did do?

:: Reading lots of it. We love books.
:: Kindle time. While I am not a fan of letting electronics baby sit I will admit handing them the Kindle with all of our learning apps kept them busy while I did those jobs you need the kids out of the way for.
:: Libertys Kids and talking about what freedom means.
:: Fireworks and sparklers and a lesson on safety.
:: Letter B bin. (Oh the mess made with this thing. Mommy has decided to retire the shredded newspaper filler for a while.)
:: Freezer cooking with mama. Dough rolling pins and messy cheesey potatoes, Oh the fun.
:: Field Trip to Old Town in Kissimmee Fl where we enjoyed the Saturday night classic cruise.

We Are a Mess


Lets face it blogging from my cell phone for months made a mess of this blog. A huge mess. This year this blog will become more of a homeschool journal But, do not fret the fun stuff will still be happening with even more fun to be had. Over on our new blog where we help turn the world right side up. Recipes, mom talk, lots more fun education stuff. The classic posts that you love will be redone and added to as well. Head on over and follow us for the fun starting on August 1st. To tide you over we redid the Green Eggs and Ham Grow With Me Game and added a free printable version to save you time.


Math: Make Ten



This game helps with addition skills along with helping them understand that more than one combinationcan create the same number.

What you need:
Ten Legos or any other item as long as they are the same. We have ten lego windows as the kids love these.
Pencil and paper (for older kids)

What to do:
Have your child make two piles. Then cont each pile. Older kids can write the number of each pile. Then have them add the two piles together and count the final number. Have older children complete the equation on paper. Repeat and see how many combinations you can make.

Take it further:
Use a different total number of pieces every time you play this game.

This post is part of our Lego summer camp. 60 days of educational Lego fun. After all learning should be fun and who does not love Lego?
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Our Top 3 Lego items For Creative Kids


Lets face it kids these days have way to many sets of legos made to build only one thing. Personally I feel this kills the educational quality of legos. When we where kids Legos where about using our own minds to build. Lucky us Lego still sells some of the basics. These three are our favorites.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces (6166) – This set contains 405 pieces of the classic legos we grew up loving. The handy box will hold a gigantic collection of legos so you have plenty of room for your set to grow.

LEGO Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow Set 6177 – This set comes with 650 classic bricks and really rounds out a collection of classic legos.

LEGO Green Building Plate (10″ x 10″) – Classic building plates are the key to strong buildings that do not fall apart so at least one should be in every lego collection.

This post is part of our Lego summer camp. 60 days of educational Lego fun. After all learning should be fun and who does not love Lego?
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Free Lego Birthday Printable Pack


Here is a really cute Birthday Printable pack that is FREE thanks to Peonies and Poppyseeds. This cute pack can be used for a birthday or you can take bits and pieces to decorate for a Lego themed, day, week, or month for your home school. The colored fry boxed are awesome for a Lego color sort.

This post is part of our Lego summer camp. 60 days of educational Lego fun. After all learning should be fun and who does not love Lego?
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